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Swim School

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Child Lessons

Learning to swim equips children with valuable skills, teaching them to be safe in the water, and introducing them to the joy of swimming. The pool is an ideal depth and temperature for learners.

Our experienced teachers follow the Dolphin Programme, which awards children at regular intervals so that they can keep developing and celebrate their achievements. Every child is assessed each term to make sure they are receiving the teaching support & encouragement they need.

Less experienced swimmers are assisted in the water by friendly teachers. Our teachers are STA and ASA-trained and passionate about helping learners become confident and happy in the water.

Our classes run Monday to Sunday each week for children aged  4 years upwards.

Baby Lessons

You and your baby can enjoy swimming lessons together at Bramley Baths.  Aimed at babies six months and up to three and half years who have been inoculated, our lessons are a fun way to build their confidence in the water.

Babies develop quickly because our teaching methods start with confidence in the water.  Our baby lessons are about having fun, increasing parent child bonding and creating a love of swimming.

We have family changing areas around our pool and within our main changing rooms.  Both men’s and women’s changing features baby changing facilities.

Baby lessons are currently held Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings 

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Crash Courses

An intensive course of extra swimming lessons might be just what your child needs to boost their confidence and ability in the water.

Crash courses take place over one week in school holidays between Monday to Friday and each lesson lasts for 30 minutes.

The time of the class depends on what ability group our teacher recommends for your child.

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Crash Courses
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Adult Lessons

It’s never too late to learn to swim and our pool is an ideal depth for beginners. For many adult learners, knowing that you can put your feet down and stand up in the water easily makes a big difference when overcoming initial nerves.

Our friendly, expert tutors are supportive and will take you through the steps of learning how to swim.

We’re here to help give you the confidence and skills needed to conquer any fears you may have and learn how to swim.

Adult lessons are currently held Wednesday 11:30am, Friday 11:30am and Sunday at 10:30 am

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